Monday, March 5, 2007

On the Town With Axel

 Low Earth Orbit


Written 5 March, 2007

On the Town with Axel

Axel Piccard has been my friend for some time. He spends a LOT of time on Pele, playing trivia—at which he is very good. He listened at the little hut on East Beach until I recently re-outfitted the Dragon Skybar. Now he hangs out up there with the strobe lights and the dance machine.

Axel plays trivia so much, in fact, that Sweetie and I decided to show him a good time.

We flew to the trivia hut and avatarnapped him, taking him to Mystikal Cookie’s shop, where we each kicked in $200L to buy him a Mystitool. Then we jumped back to Pele and showed him its many functions.

We scanned the sim for avatars, rezzed tables, produced a sky lift that took us to 600 meters and created a huge patform, make our avatars glow like roman candles, turned on poofy particles when we flew, stood on one anothers' avatars, and just generally had a good time until I got orbited.

Heck, I didn’t even realize I hadn’t turned on restrict push on the parcel I bought from Dodgeguy. And now here I was, body distorted and attachments gone all to hell, at 21,000,000 meters.

I knew Sweetie had done it, so I lied and told her I was at 42,000,000 so she would be envious that I had surpassed our record. But when she IMed me in apology to say she had thought it would make her fly in an orbit about me, I forgave her-- but the lie had already been told.

Serves me right for fibbing.

I teleported from mid-Earth orbit to the E. house and pulled myself together. It took a while.

Sweetie calls me Bond Girl because I have so many gadgets, and she’s right, I guess. Even thought I've moved them all to one folder so I won't have to hunt all over creation for them, and even though I named the folder so it’s the first one in my inventory, it took a while to detach and reattach them all. Then I had to change outfits, since my prim skirt had disappeared and I didn’t remember the name of the outfit I'd been wearing. Then there were the shoes, and the shoe form, and the Sweetie friendship necklace, and bracelets, and earrings, and nail and toe color. And my hair, of course.

When I was ready, we teleported to the space museum, where we had a grand time.

I was the de facto tour guide, since Sweetie's computer rezzes slowly, and Axel was in follow mode.

I straightaway flew to a huge black spherical prim—or rather, I should say I straightaway flew INTO a huge black spherical prim, because that’s what I did.

The view was awesome.

The inside of the prim was dotted with stars, and a huge prim Earth rotated in one corner; the moon was in another corner.

The bulk of the space, though, was taken up by a spacecraft which I should probably know by name. It was an outstanding experience. I felt as if I were actually floating in space.

The space museum is huge, comprised of four sims. There is a collection of full-sized rockets on the ground, but the highlight, at least to me, is a tour of the solar system.

We started at Mars, and worked our way from there to Pluto, then to the inner planets. Then we found a huge hangar, a replica of the new space museum in Washington, D.C.

There was wonder after wonder, but we finally had to call it a night. We'll be back.

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