Thursday, March 8, 2007

No More Dutch Sex

Written 8 March, 2007

No More Dutch Sex

Those Dutchmen have been quiet over on the Forgotten Legends sim-- no, wait they're at it again! There are at least eight Dutch blips on the map.

But it's not right to spy on them, even though it's fun, and I won't be doing it any more. And since people read this blog at work, I've removed the Dutch sex picture from the previous blog entry. I know I blurred the nether regions, but it's still a rather shocking picture. I'm now selling it for $25. Just kidding. Maybe.

It will be a bleak, cold world without Dutch sex pictures, but we're just all going to have to keep our chins up and get through this somehow.

Pele, by the way, is the yellow rectangle at the left side of the sim below and to the left. The yellow circle is me, on the porch of the Exuberance house.

I've included a photo of the map, showing the Dutch gathering place on F. Legends. You can see the Dutchmen are gathering for the feast (count the green dots. You'll probably need to click on the picture to see them).

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