Thursday, March 15, 2007

What We Do in SL

Written 12 March 2007

What We Do in Second Life

I’m endlessly amused, irritated, and fascinated by the mini-worlds Second Life’s citizens make for themselves.

I’m amused because of the humor and cleverness used in the choice of names and the little jokes that appear in chat and the visual gags I’m always seeing in created objects and on the various sims.

Last night I saw an avatar with the first name OnoOnoOnoBadKitty.

Last night I saw an avatar caged in a Spam can.

Last week I saw the altar at the Church of Elvis. It was a golden throne.

The kind of throne he died on.


I’m irritated by the bad manners shown by some SL residents. Last week a newbie ignored my greetings and walked past me and tried to enter my house. I banned her.

And I’m irritated by the lack of creativity shown by some residents, or, rather by what some citizens consider creative. I’m talking about the lowest of low humor, performed in a way calculated to annoy.

Here’s a hint, guys and girls: Repetitively sound spamming curse words is not creative. Making farting noises is not impressing anyone. Making wolf calls at concerts is not creative. Setting yourself on fire in public (more than once, anyway) is just fucking stupid.

I’m not talking about a little experimentation to check out the parameters of Second Life. I’m talking about doing the same idiotic things over and over and over again because what passes for a brain refuses to engage.

I mean, if it pleases you, go to a frigging sandbox and do it until your Social Security kicks in. But please don’t subject me and other citizens to it in public areas.

Boy, when I get irritated, I really get irritated!

And I’m fascinated by the love and detail Second Life’s citizens pour into their properties and creations. So here’s to you, all of you who are making SL the wonderfully textured place that it is.

You know who you are, dahlings.


Véronique Lalonde said...

Oy. I am definitely with you on any kind of sound spam. I'm just glad I never actually hear the howls and whatever else gets sent. Not sure why, but it's a blessing. Now if only I could filter them from chat without muting the sender. Hmmm... muting the sender...

Never underestimate how confused a newbie can be, though. I had one not answer either chat or IM a while back. Later she sent me an apologetic IM. However, she did not try to walk into our house, although we have had that happen.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Yes, they can not know the most rudiementary things. I'm quite patient with them. So long as they don't walk into my house uninvited.