Thursday, March 8, 2007

Swell Concert

Written 8 March, 2007

On the Town

Woo Hoo!

Chey ended the day considerably richer than she was when it began.

More than $3000 Lindens richer.

Like $13 U.S. richer.

And how?

Because she went to a concert.

Say what???

I won’t say who was playing or where I went, because for reasons which will soon become apparent I don’t want the place to be mobbed. But it was a great concert and a great venue.

I’ve had poor luck with ‘Sploder balls and usually don’t bother with them, but we were at the concert only a few minutes before I idly paid the ‘Sploder $25L.

Then it exploded and I won $2250 Lindens.

OMG! Freak out!

Axel told me he was my good luck charm. “You’ll have to take me with you all the time,” he said.

He may be right.

I bought into the ‘Sploder for the rest of the evening, and always won at least as much money as I put into it. My next biggest haul was $756, and that for a $20 donation.

I’m not quite sure how ‘Sploders work, but I’m now a fan.

I do have a theory. I think club owners sometimes seed their ‘Sploders, and I suspect that was happening big-time last night. Big time.

I was noticing big green balls falling from the ceiling and bouncing around on the floor, but I paid them no attention until Pam—did I say Pam? Until the entertainer I won’t be identifying in this blog remarked that walking into them caused them to release money. I was soon dashing again and again across the room, intercepting the green balls, which gave me anywhere between $L1 and $L20. Since there were a lot of balls and I was fairly nimble despite the considerable lag caused by the presence of nearly 20 avatars, I racked up a lot of Lindens—maybe a couple of hundred for each round of dropping balls.

Other avs, including Axel, were soon dashing after the balls as well. One scoundrel put on a pair of great wings and positioned himself in a likely spot—I considered that cheating; I could have turned myself into Godzilla if I had wanted (well, not exactly Godzilla, but a pretty big bipedal dragon). Instead, I would line myself up so I could walk over three or four balls and cross the room, then wheel and do it again. When avs would get in my way, I would knock them out of the way, the ones without movelock, anyway.

Teach THEM to get between Cheyenne and money!

It made me dizzy, but I made another six or seven hundred Lindens from those balls.

Axel didn’t do badly, either. “I made back the money I paid for my wardrobe,” he chortled.

Exuberance showed up toward the end of the concert, but she was online wireless in a motel and her laptop rezzes poorly under the best of circumstances. I barely took the time to type “Hi,” although I was careful not to knock her down in my frantic sweeps for green balls.

I had a great time; the money was the icing on the cake.

Well, a private conversation I had with my Sweetie was the real icing on the cake, but I’m not free to talk about the details. Let me just say it made me very happy.


Michael Keukert said...

I happened to be at an opening for a mall when something similar happened (both the sploder and the balls - which in my case were coins). Not as big as in your case, but also quite nicely.

I spent some time analyzing sploder behavior, and in the meantime became reluctant to use them. One reason for this is that lately sploders seem only to work when you are close to them. As soon as you got out of their range your share is either shared among the other winners or goes back into the pot altogether. A few months ago I received the occasional message that someone paid me - which actaully was a sploder going off which I might have paid days ago. Those days seem to have gone.

Also take a note on how mich the sploder pays (chat history is your friend here), so you can calculate the share the owner gets. I also have the impression that the more you pay it, the more you get - but you seem to prove this wrong.

And finally I'm very convinced that the owner can cheat... er.... configure the sploder in quite a lot of ways.

Maybe I should get one myself, to see how it works.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

I think they put all the money into a common pot, so you don't really benefit from giving large amounts. Good luck at figuring them out!