Wednesday, March 28, 2007

XCite! The Xequel

Is This Woman XCited? Only the Alt Key Knows

Written 20 March, 2007

XCite! The Xequel

I think it says a lot that Sweetie and I didn’t come home with XCite!able toys to stick up our a** or diddle one another with across sims, or cages for one another. No, we just got straight up lips. And human ones, at that! No animal parts for these girls!

Although I wonder...


Came the moment. Sweetie and I were fully XCite! compatible!

We did not have our left nipples on.

Because we had not bought left nipples.

We did not have our right nipples on.

Because we had not bought right nipples.

We didn’t have our asses on, because we hadn’t bought hem—but if we had, they wouldn’t have made us look fat.

And we didn’t of course, have our Classic Clits, because they were still at the XCite! store.

But we did have our XCite!able lips on. And we could see them on each other when we turned on Highlight Invisible (the Alt key on the PC)

We didn’t have the XCite! HUD, which, Dodgeguy told me, polled and added various XCite! parts. If we had, we could have added each other to our respective access lists, told our HUDs our genders, and installed vocal packs. I would have been Amber. Sweetie would have been Jana.

And so we began to XCite! one another.

To the XCite! virgin, this consists of touching your partner’s (or even a stranger’s) XCite!able body part.

This causes a line of green text to appear in Chat.

“Sweetie’s lips squeal with delight as Cheyenne Palisades kisses them.”

Yep. So now you know what all that green chat has been about.

If you are wearing the HUD, DG says, being touched causes the gas gauge of your arousal level, and the person you are XCite!ing to climb.

And if you get it to climb all the way.



So all you have to do is touch, lick, suck, twist, pinch, spank, finger, thrust, insert, kiss, or pat your partner's body parts until her gas gauge climbs all the way to the right and she, in ecstatic green chat, has a multiple orgasm.

Never a single orgasm.

No, the XCite! corporation has its reputation to uphold.

A multiple orgasm, complete with vocalizations and spastic body movements and the sort of expression someone gets on her face when she realizes it’s April 16 and she forgot to file her taxes.

Then the gas gauge goes back to empty and you do it all again.

Sweetie and I couldn’t monitor our arousal levels without the HUD, but we were able to her how our XCite!able lips felt as we kissed one another.

Now clearly my av was enjoying it, but all I was getting out of it was the chance to choose items from a menu, over and over again.

Hmmm. Do I want to touch, trace, kiss, deep kiss, lick, suck, bite, twist, pat, or ignore Sweetie’s lips? Oh, touch.

Drat! Here’s the menu all over again! It’s making me miss not only my chat, but Sweetie’s! Much better to do my own typing. At least I can look at the screen while I do.

In short, XCite! was a Xnore!

I would just as soon put it away and never use it again, but of course I will put on my XCite! lips if Sweetie wants me to.

And I’ll admit, last night I lay in bed and thought about going out in public with the XCite! Classic Clit and ass and nipples on and being publicly stimulated to orgasm by strange avatars

It gave me a certain frisson.

Not that I would actually do that.

Or I hope I wouldn’t.


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