Thursday, March 15, 2007

Map of Pele

Written 15 March, 2007

Map of Pele

Here’s a map of Pele I made last night; it can be found at the entry point of Pele on the Forsaken sim, at the temple to Pele.

I saved a snapshot of the Northwestern quadrant of Forsaken to my hard drive, imported it into Quark XPress (a page layout program) and added the labels. Then (since my early version of Quark doesn’t have file conversion abilities) I printed it into Adobe Acrobat as PDF, then cropped it and extracted the page as a BMP. This I imported into Second Life, pasted it onto a prim, and there it was, perfect.

Except I made an oopsie. The arrow actually points west.

Oops, as they say, sie. Oopsie.

I’ve fixed the XPress file and will convert it and import it into SL tonight. Until then, don’t get lost, for the version I’ve placed on this blog has no directional arrow.

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