Thursday, March 8, 2007

Axel's Makeover

Written 8 March, 2007

Axel’s Makeover

My friend Axel told me he came onto Second Life as a way to waste time. Then he came to Pele.

And met me and BreathofG8d and Sweetie. Now he is ruined.

I like Axel a lot. It’s been interesting and enjoyable to watch his life trajectory on the gird.

The other day, Axel mentioned that he was thinking about shopping for a wardrobe.

Yep, I have him hooked now. He had to give his credit card information to the Lindens so he would have access to Pele, and now he is going to spend money.

Okay, Philip Linden, where’s my kickback?


My dear brother Mordecai was kind enough to send me some landmarks for men’s clothing stores, which I passed on to Axel.

But when, last night, I waddled onto the beach by the trivia hut, there was Axel, still in his own clothes.

Or rather, there he wasn’t. I couldn’t see him for at least five minutes. I knew he was there though, because of my trusty don’t-leave-home-without-it MystiTool, which told me he was only two meters away.

So I stood there, talking to a shadow on the sand.

“New toy?” he asked.

He was referring to the reason I was waddling, a new scuba outfit.

“Uh, yeah,” I said, and took off the mask and flippers.

As Axel and I chatted, I went into IMs with Mordecai. He had told me he was considering getting rid of all his non-steampunk clothing—and he did. He was sending it free of charge, although he would, he said, be happy to accept some payment.

He began sending me items, which I in turn passed on to Axel.

I even tried on one outfit.

I mean, it’s sexy for a girl to wear mens’ clothes, right?

This one didn’t suit me, though, so I passed it on to Axel.

Along with a bit of a lecture about the importance of keeping his inventory in order.

It had been an inventory sort of day for me, after all.

Before long, Axel was looking spiffy in a leather jacket, shoes, and jeans, and, being the decent man he is, sent Mordecai some money.

Then he mentioned getting a skin.

Sweetie had planted that seed. She told me so later that night.

“I told him he should buy a skin so he won’t look like a newbie,” she said.

She is oh so much more direct than I.

I did a search for mens’ skins and teleported to a likely looking store and sent Axel a boost. I showed him how to buy the demo, and then went outside and resisted the temptation to peek with camera control while he tried it on.

I mean, I would want to see myself naked. Who wouldn’t?

And I would hardly be embarrassed to see a naked avatar. Remember the picture of the activities at the Dutch Sex Club, after all.

Better yet, forget the picture of the activities at the Dutch Sex Club.

I waited for what seemed a really long time, but probably wasn’t in RL (there’s a time dilation factor in SL, don’t forget), then IMed Axel. “You decent?” When he didn’t answer, I walked in.

He wasn’t decent.

Or, rather, he was his usual decent self. But he was a naked usual decent self.

Fortunately, I realized this when he was still 30 or so meters or so from him and turned on my heel and walked back outside and waited until he had some clothes on.

I don’t spy on my friends while they’re naked.

The Dutch are another story.


In his new duds and new skin, Axel was a new man. And best of all, he still looked like Axel Piccard. Same piercing blue yes, same shape, same hair, just a little more refinement to his features. The same old Axel, looking like himself. Only more so.

Inventory sorting. Makeover. It was a good day work.

And the best part of the day was yet to come.


Photos: Axel, if you read this, I need both "before" and "after" pictures.


p.s. To all of Axel's co-workers who will be reading this: I'm really the boss. Get back to work!


p.p.s. Axel told me "The old Axel is dead." No before photos, so sorry.

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