Friday, March 2, 2007

No Payment on File

Written 2 March, 2007

No Payment on File

I went home during lunch and filed an abuse report on this morning's griefers. And I IMed Carcinia Polano (and caught her online!) and got an okay to turn on the option in About Land that keeps avatars with no payment on file from entering my land.

I made a note card explaining why I did what I did it and sent it to several friends who don't have payment on file. I told them they needn't spend any money to file payment information and to IMe if they ever wanted a tour.

Tonight I'll put the nOObie Blocker at the land's entrance point-- and I think I'll buy two more and place them on my other parcels. That should calm things down on Forsaken.


Talon Sidek said...

Turning on the "No Payment on File" option is becoming pretty common. I have friends who cannot follow into some of my favorite places, and having witnessed rudeness and general creepiness at Pele firsthand, I completely understand why you'd do it Chey.

Your patience far exceeds mine, but your swiftness to deal with abusers is remarkable.

Warning to newbies, don't turn your back on Chey if you're going to abuse her hospitality!

Cheyenne Palisades said...

I didn't ban Talon, of course, but I didn ban someone who irritated me while he was visiting me on Pele. Thanks, Talon, for your comments on my blog, and for your visit.

And yes, if someone is going to come onto my land and try to enter my house without at least speaking to me, I'm going to type /1 ban avatar.