Thursday, March 1, 2007

Doors for Exuberance

Doors at Exuberance [Open (Up) and Closed [Down])
Note Opaque Outside Face of Door on Top Floor

1 March, 2007

Doors for Exuberance

The house Exuberance built for me has big round doors. Open doors.

We’ve been thinking about doors for a while, since there’s a bed in the house and it makes a likely spot for avs looking to trick. Of course, they could rotate their view through a door and sit, but most don’t know that. Doors keep out the majority of unwelcome visitors.

They keep out the people you might welcome, too, but such is life.

And there are access lists.

A door that opens outward and inward would not look right in Exuberance. Sliding doors would work, and I have several sliding door scripts, but I’ve been unable to tweak them so they open properly at the 143 degree angle at which Exuberance sits.

Sigh. Yes, I know. Time to learn scripting. It’s next on my list. I just made my way through the Ivory Tower of Primitives and the Texture Education Center. My next stop is the Particle Lab, where I suppose I’ll learn a great deal.

I’ll write about the Ivory Tower and the Texture place as soon as I work my way to that long-delayed piece about the Bem Androgyny Inventory. I promise.

But I digress.

The other day I was browsing and found that Outy Banjo had an open-source curtain-drop script. I read the description and thought, hmm, that might work for a door—and if it doesn’t, I’ll have fabulous draperies! So I shelled out a thousand Lindens and bought it.

It works great.

Exuberance now has doors—five of them—made of the same beautiful yellow stained glass as the windows. The door on the top level—there’s only one—is opaque from the outside so those inside will have privacy.

As much privacy as SL allows, anyway, which isn’t much.

Outy’s script allows for touch or voice control of the doors (but not, apparently, both simultaneously, for when I enable both, things get strange). I changed the speed of ascendance and descendance from .5 meters per second to 9.9 meters per second, so they now snap up and down.

Now I have to figure out how to make the script read an access card so I won’t be the only av who can operate the doors.

Yep. Scripting school.

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