Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Chaperone I: The Warmup

Dakota Burns, Girl Chaperone, Looking Stern

Written 29 March, 2007


Part I: The Warmup

Dakota here.

I was rezzed for the longest time in my life last night. I wasn’t just acting as a foil for Cheyenne, either; she didn’t even log on until midnight, when her Sweetie got home from a business trip and I was ready to call it a night anyway.

I had planned to sign on for a while, just long enough so I could say I worked my shift at the Dragon and not be lying.

Then my friend Milky Choche IMed me and asked me for help. She was nervous because she was going to a concert with a man she had met at the Sphynx Jazz Club. I suspect she hasn’t hung out with men much on computer.

I mean who has? But I’m more experienced than she, I guess, if only vicariously, through Cheyenne.

Because I was on duty, I TPed her to the dragon and we talked. And then she left and IMed me again to ask me to take her shopping to get away from a guy who was hitting on her. So I took her boost and jumped to her and told her white-haired gentleman admirer I was taking his girl shopping.

He didn’t get that white hair without learning that a man can’t stand between a woman and her charge card, and so he graciously bowed out, asking me to not let her buy too many shoes.

I told him a girl can’t have too many shoes.

We went to Sylfie’s which is my new favorite shoe store and I bought three pair, building my shoe wardrobe to seven pairs. I think Milky bought a pair, too.

And no, it wasn’t all tip money. I bought $10 US worth of lindens.

Woo hoo!

While we were there a couple TPed in. The woman wandered off, looking at shoes, while the man stood where he was, not three meters from where Milky and I was standing.

He was hot, hot, hot!

He had long, thick back hair to the middle of his back and way broad shoulders and major tats, and a really good AO which made him look like he was just reveling in himself.

Which he probably was.

And so I walked even closer and looked him up and down and said, “Pretty boy,” and walked away—but not far enough to be out of Chat range.

Milky said, for his benefit, something like “Dakota, I can’t take you anywhere! You’ll embarrass him.”I said, “He knows he’s pretty. He likes it!” and then “What time do you have to have me back to the Home?”

I should have asked her if she would rather have been back where she had been succumbing to white-haired guy’s advances.

We went back to the Dragon so she could psych herself up for what I have been instructed to call not a date, and I climbed back up on the dance table.

After a while her male friend logged on and she teleported him in from wherever he had been and they danced and we all answered trivia questions.

Milky threatened to tell Chey I was monopolizing the trivia.

Now, that’s gratitude!


As the start time for the concert drew near, I declared I was on break and went out on the patio and started a game of Mahjong, being careful to stay juuuust inside Chat range in case there was some juicy sex talk.

There wasn’t.

Darn it!

It was because I was in chat range that I heard them speculating that I had gone to change clothes in preparation for the live jazz concert they were planning to attend.

Jazz? Dakota? You have GOT to be kidding!

I yelled back that I hadn’t planned on going. And really! I didn’t want to be a vicarious participant in their concert-gonig experience . I wanted them to go have a good time. But they both asked me to go and so I went as their, I suppose, chaperone.

And it’s good I did.

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