Thursday, July 30, 2009

She Lives!

Written 30 July, 2009

She lives!

I just checked in and the ever-vigilant Peter Stindberg had left a message: She lives!

Mystical Cookie is alive and well! See here for her recent blog post, and here for Peter's post on Mystical's return, and here for Armando Frangilli's tribute to her. Here's my own note on her disappearance.

Mystical (Peter's right; calling her Ms. Cookie just sounds silly) is the creator of the wonderful Mystitool, a multipurpose gadget I never ever take off. It has about a hundred functions, many of them-- like flight assist, a gentle avatar light, and avatar radar-- are essential. The Mystitool will tell you how many prims a given area of land supports, rez a table that will rez a chair every time an avatar sits, make a great sky platform, let you track your nearby friends (most handy when shopping), create a follow chair so your friends who are lagging can move along with you, scan an entire sim and tell you how many avatars are present, and where, creat a nonphysical shield that will let you walk through walls, tan and unban residents on your land, call up a history of your teleports, automatically paste URLs heard in chat into your browser, rez a skydiving platform that will carry you to great heights and then derez, remind you when you need to take a break and get off your sedentary butt,  and let you teleport to anyplace you have focused your camera. And that's just SOME of the things the Mystitool will do-- and all for less than $400 Lindens!

Here's where to get it.

In addition to selling the Mystitool and other gadgets, Mystical has an array of sims with a strong community. That community has been in disarray and in confusion and in mourning these past months with worry about Mysti. See her for a great post by Chestnut Rau on personal responsibility in Second Life.

I agree with Peter; it's regrettable Mystical Cookie didn't tell anyone she was all right. It would have saved a great deal of grief to a great many people. Maybe she just wasn't able.

Whatever, everybody is glad she's back. Welcome back, Mysti!

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Tycho Beresford said...

This is good news Chey, thanks for sharing. And I echo "Welcome back, Mysti!"