Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Visit to NOAA

Written 12 July, 2009

A Visit to NOAA

I loved the voice of the guy who used to give the weather reports over the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration radio station-- but then they replaced him with a robot, and it's never been the same.

I decided to go give NOAA a piece of my mind, and dragged Sweetie with me to their sim in Second Life.

We never found anyone to complain to, but we were perfectly charmed by a real-time weather map of the United States.

We even got to fly into the eye of a hurricane.

So I was ready to forgive them, but then we saw some nice deck chairs and sat on them.

And then this happened, completely out of the blue.

With the following result:

Well, it wasn't COMPLETELY out of the blue. We DID push the tsunami button.

I was so anxious to go home and get ouf of my wet clothes that I forgot to lodge my complaint and request they bring back the old NOAA voice.

So we're gonna be stuck with the robotic voice no NOAA radio.

But you know what? I'm starting to find it sexy.


Eric Hackathorn said...

I will be happy to listen to your complains should you choose to visit again in the future!
Eric Hackathorn / Hackshaven Harford

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Uh, you do know I was kidding, right?