Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sweetie Experiments with Particles in Her Fortress of Solitude

Written 3 July, 2009

Sweetie Experiments With Particles at Her Fortress of Solitude

It was late at night. Yeah, I know I had used the menus to set sunset on my viewer, but trust me, it was long after midnight.

There was a strange glow on the horizon.

As I got closer, I began to see horrible huge ugly particles emanating from Sweetie's patented Fortress of Solitude.

As I drew closer I was innundated with bizarre energy particles.

Inside, it was pure chaos!

:What-- What is going on?" I asked the bizarre energy creature in front of me.
But then the particles began to clear and I saw it was only Sweetie.

As if only and Sweetie could logically appear in the same sentence!

"What are you doing?" I cried. "We'll never get the particle stains out of the furniture!"

She just gave me one of her patented looks. "I'm preparing for our fireworks show, silly."

Oh, yes! Our upcoming annual Fireworks show on Whimsy.

I forgave her the particle stains.

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