Friday, July 3, 2009

Sweetie Flies Solo

Written 3 July, 2009

Sweetie Flies Solo

Last Sunday Sweetie and I were chagrined to learn that the fast, faster, fasterer, and plaid flight modes in our Mystitools were broken in the latest Release Candidate viewer.

Since Mystitool creator Mystical Cookie is long missing and presumed dead (on Earth as well as Second Life), this was SERIOUS.

You see, Sweetie and I used the Mystitool, another tool called the Multigadget, and ram horns given to us by a friend to boost our speed, enabling us to reach the avatar-wrecking, mind-numbing height of 50,000,000 meters.

The orbit and self-push tools in the Mysti were broken by the introduction of Havok4 physics engine 15 or so months ago, but the fast flight speeds were handy in reaching our builds on the Whimsy sims, which go all the way up to 4000 meters. It took seconds; now it takes minutes.

Sweetie was so shaken she took a memorial solo flight, making it all the way to 200,000 meters. As the Multigadget still functions, she was able to get to that height fairly fast, but  in her sad state, she chose to free fall all the way to the ground.

It took a while-- so long, in fact, that she had to amuse herself.

First she donned the great free spacesuit from the no-longer-in-existence Privateer Space sim.

This was in fact necessary because the great height was doing strange things to her avi:

After a while Sweetie grew bored, so I made and sent her a prim with the Whimsy video texture on it, and she watched a movie with me.

Then I heard her yawning. Even the coffee she was trying to drink past her face mask wasn't keeping her awake.

Before long, she was fast asleep. Still falling, of course.

Back at home, Chey waited fretfully.

Eventually, Sweetie landed with a thud on the Whimsy beach. Before long she had recovered from her adventure and we were off exploring at White Taj/Black Taj.

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