Monday, July 20, 2009

Camera Malfunction

Written 20 July, 2009

Camera Malfunction

The camera in Second Life is a wonderful thing. You can position it almost anywhere. It never runs out of film, and you never have to send your negatives out for processing.

When my camera breaks on Earth, I sent it out for repairs, or I buy another. When it breaks in Second Life, I mess with settings-- and if that doesn't work, I guess, I go to Live Help or call the concierge line and talk to a Linden.

But my camera in Second Life has never broken.

Until now.

My last three or so batch of photos turned out crappy. The first was of a rapidly circling (escaping freebie, more about those soon) object, so I assumed  I had just missed it. When, a few days later, I took photos of Sweetie in the gardens at Whimsy, and discovered I had managed to cut off the top or side of her head in every shot, I started suspecting something was awry. But it wasn't until I took the shots for the previous post that I realized my camera was whacked.

I played with my preferences and the settings in snapshots. The preview shows a full-width picture, but when I hit the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + ~) it saves as only a fraction of my screen.

When I take the shot with the snapshot button, however, I get a normal photo.

Sweetie told me she heard this is happening to other people. If so, I'd love to hear your experiences, and even better, I'd love to hear how to solve the problem.

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