Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Get Your Sex Outta My Face!

Photo Warning: Graphic image at bottom of post (language)

I’ve been sitting on this post for the better part of a year. The reason I’m finally posting it is because someone’s—Sweetie didn’t want me to use this word, but I feel I must— butt plug began vibrating at our fireworks show on Saturday. I missed most of the action because I was crashing and had to reboot, but I gather the wearer claimed to be unable to remove it—which might have been true if she was running Restrained Life or a similar viewer—but out of consideration for others she shouldn’t have come to a PG area and inflicted her buzzing butt on more than a dozen people who were trying to concentrate on the visual and auditory effects of fireworks. She should have kept her sex life at home or taken (quite literally) her ass to Zindra, the new X-rated continent. Maybe they like vibrating anuses there.

Sex is good. Sex is fun. But your sex life ends where my privacy begins. Please respect that.

Written 10 September, 2008

Get Your Sex Outta My Face!

I’m not really as much of a prude as I might sometimes seem on these pages. I’m actually quite permissive.

I just don’t like it when people have sex in front of me in public. Why? Because it’s annoying. Because it’s showing off. And because it’s inconsiderate.

I’m not talking about public displays of affection. Kissing and hugging is fine by me, whatever the genders (although that, too, can get annoying if people are too sappy about it).

Nor am I talking about having sex in designated public places. If I’m at Abranimations or Spiro and Tricky Dick’s OnTheDownLow Sex Club, I have no complaint if people are on pose balls or are wearing talking latex fetish suits. And I have no real complaint about seeing stuff on private sims—like the penis I was confronted with yesterday. I had gone to buy a fish and didn’t really expect to see the sim owner exposing her unrealistically-large she-male credentials as she was happily updating the merchandise in her store. But when I first arrived on the sim, I realized from my surroundings it was a transgender role-play sim. I took my chances. I really wanted that fish!

What I AM talking about is people having sex in shops, parks, and other public areas. And I’m not talking in particular about fornication.

When someone is at a hair shop leading a pair of subs around on leashes, that’s public sex.

When someone visits Whimsy wearing extreme dom gear, that’s public sex.

When someone is at a concert wearing a talking collar, that’s public sex.

When someone deliberately exposes their body parts at a gathering, that’s public sex.

Why is it sex? Because they get off on it. Showing that body part or wearing that collar or pulling on that leash is a sexual act.

And for that reason, people who do such things in public are inflicting their sex life on me. Unless it happens on Whimsy, I have no way to avoid it, short of leaving a place I have every right to be.

And here’s a thought—if you get off on having others see your bare nipples and ass in public or if you have a talking pregnant tummy, you’re incorporating me and others like me into your sexual life. And especially if you have your er, appliances talking in public chat, you are violating us. You do NOT have our permission. Even if we mute you, even if we ban you, you have violated us.


People have made what might seem an analogous argument about gay men and lesbians, claiming to be offended by their public behavior. But they’re not offended by the hand-holding and kissing of gay men and lesbians; they’re offended by their sexual orientation. They’re offended at a public behavior they would smile at if performed by a heterosexual couple. When you make such distinctions based upon people’s minority status, it’s called discrimination.

I’m not discriminating. I don’t want to be forced to witness or be the target of ANYONE’S public sexual behavior, gay or straight, kinky or vanilla. And I shouldn’t have to.

Chey's appliances aren't talking

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