Saturday, July 11, 2009

How Did I Get Here? And What is This Clocklike Thing Behind Me?

A Thing of Rusty Beauty is Joy Forever
Written 11 July, 2009

How Did I Get Here? And What is This Clocklike Thing Behind Me?

Because of her fond remembrance of lifting an away-from-the-keyboard Greg Paslong into the air the other day, Sweetie presented me with a five-prim avatar lift. "I made it look like this because I know your attraction to rust," she said demurely.

She then flitted away to tilt at her latest fantasy-- making a huge steampunk clock.

It took me about fifteen minutes to write a script to raise the lift.

To use the lift, just slide it under your sleeping friend and type /9 lift 100, or, to be really mean, /9 lift 1000.

The lift will begin to rise slowly, taking your friend with it. When he or she wakes, they'll be in a deliciously ugly bin, no longer in familiar surroundings, but high in the air.

To reduce clutter, the lift is scripted to vanish after three hours.

The lift moves slowly for a reason: if it jumps upward too fast, the avatar standing on it will fall through. I settled on a lift of .1 meters with a brief pause between jumps. It takes about three minutes to lift an avatar 100 meters.

I sent a copy of the completed lift to both Greg and Viv, and before you know it, Sweetie and I were playing Greedy Greedy with them on their land. After two games, however, we were back to our usual ridiculousness, rezzing dancing cows and absurd vehicles (think flying hot dogs).

IM me if you'd like a full-permission copy of the lift.

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