Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ladies on an Elephant

Written 11 July, 2009

Ladies On an Elephant

Last Sunday Sweetie and I paid a surprise visit to our friends Greg Paslong and Vivien Janick on their new sim. Greg was AFK, racking up points for Tiny Empires, but Viv was present.

It didn't take long for us to get ridiculous. I showed Viv how to slide a prim under the sleeping Greg and move it slowly upward, taking his avatar with it.

That was entirely too slow for Sweetie, who grabbed Greg with her Mystitool and started yanking him around. That worked fine, but since Greg and Viv keep damage enabled on their sim so they can murder one another with impunity, she soon battered poor Greg to death and he was transported back to his home at ground level.

We wound up the visit by riding the resident elephant (every sim should have one). I used GIMP to alter the photo above to make us look like intrepid explorers (which I suppose we are).

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