Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pele Gardens at Whimsy

Photo by Sweetie

Chey and Python
Monitor Lizard
Chameleon. Watch him change colors.
Touch him to make him catch a fly with his tongue.
Written 29 July, 2009

Pele Gardens at Whimsy

For more than a year now the flats below the volcano Pele have been pretty much bare. This weekend, Sweetie got motivated, and we decorated them. They turned out beautifully.

We redid the stream of water that descends from near the summit and reworked the lava flow. A path now ascends the mountain.

Sweetie has set her mind on a defunct carnival ride. It seems the Whimsy Transportation Authority tried to develop a theme park on Pele. They shut the program down after the 39th avatar was incinerated.

Yes, Sweetie was on a creative mental rampage tonight. It had something to do with my getting a mammogram today. Don't ask.

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