Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whimsy's Rules

Written 16, 2009

Whimsy’s Rules

Since I brought them up in my recent posts on child avatars, Sweetie thought I should do a blog about Whimsy’s rules.

In Second Life, people dare to be what they can’t be or are afraid to be on Earth—and for many people, SL is a game or a sexual playground; they can’t quite get it through their heads, at least at first, that some standard of behavior may be required of them. Fortunately, most people eventually figure it out.

But for those who haven’t figured it out, and for those who seemingly can’t figure it out, we have rules for comportment on Whimsy. Here they are:

NO drama. We all get upset from time to time, but you will be expected to manage your anger and hurt feelings in a mature way.

Since there are tools (private IM, private voice chat, or going to a secluded spot on or off the sim), there’s absolutely no reason why resident and visitors should have to witness squabbles, threats, name-calling, and childish outbursts. Besides, adult should be able to disagree politely.

NO public nudity. Nudity is allowed in designated areas or behind walls or closed doors on rented or purchased property.

There are many places to be tastefully or untastefully nude in Second Life. Whimsy is not one of them. Why? Because a variety of people live here and some of them probably wouldn’t appreciate being confronted with a freenis upon rez-in.

NO publicly visible pornography (we make a distinction between erotica and pornography).

Why this rule? Because while we are sometimes turned on by erotica, we find pornography crude and ugly and nonsexy and don’t want to look at it.

And the difference between erotica and pornography? Do you really need to ask?

NO mimes (just kidding). Mimes are fine. Well, not fine, but acceptable.

It seems appropriate to spoof on mimes. I’ve no idea why. Yeah, I do. I think they ask for it.

NO assault, harassment, bullying, griefing, name-calling, or other rude behavior.

While most of these rules will get you a warning, violating this one is likely to get you instantly banned.

NO pushing of others without permission. This means you cannot shoot people with guns unless they say it’s OK.

I realize this is sometimes done in fun, so I try to be lenient with people who do it. But they’re better stop when I say stop.

NO begging, soliciting, scamming, camping chairs, pyramid or ponzi schemes, or advertisements for such.

If I wanted to live on the mainland, I WOULD live on the mainland. Pull a scam on Whimsy and see how fast you get reported for Abuse.

NO prim littering. Pick up your prims when you are through with them.

I understand the need to rez prims on occasion, and so the Whimsy sims are open to build. People will occasionally leave a prim or two or drop a hairdo when they meant to detach it. I use the Land menu every couple of days to look at the prims on the land, and simply return such items, no big deal. I don’t even mind people doing simple builds on the land, so long as they pick them up when they leave.

Occasionally, however, someone will rez something stupid big. One idiot left 1800 prims on the land. I sent him an IM asking him not to do it again. I didn’t ban him; after all, maybe he just dropped a high-prim piece of jewelry. But if it were to happen again, I would NOT be happy.

A year or so ago, a citizen asked permission to rez a thousand-something sky build on the sim. I said no, that’s what sandboxes are for. When I logged in a few hours later and found him and 1200 of his prims on the land I promptly banned him.

NO slavery, no collars, no tags proclaiming ownership. Human slavery is egregious. If you choose to role play master-slave relationships, do so behind closed doors or on another sim.

We’re not opposed to B&D, but in an era when there is more human slavery than at any time on the planet, we consider it irresponsible to replicate it in Second Life. We’re ok if your slave status is in your profile, but please, no external manifestations of slavery. We don’t want to be included by having to hear your collar chat or look at your slave tag.

NO sexual age-play. Don’t even THINK about it. Harassment or ridicule of child avatars simply because they are child avatars is absolutely not permitted.

Those are our rules. Most are common sense and shouldn’t need to be stated, which is why we put them in the covenant rather than smacking people with a notecard when they enter the sim.

With the exceptions of griefing, age play, and spamming, a single violation of the rules won’t get someone banned. But those who repeatedly break a single rule or test limits by sequentially breaking the rules do get banned.

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