Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Greg Paslong's Photos of Xubi's Celebration

Our Tipbot Never Looked So Good!
Fireworks Viewing Platform on Whimsy
Ms. Tanarian Davies of Steelhead
Master Scripter and good friend Fnordian Link
Greg and Vivien
Written 7 July, 2009

Greg Paslong's Photos of Xubi's Celebration

Here are some wonderful photos taken by our friend Greg Paslong.

Greg is a talented photographer who specializes in shots of beautiful woman. He makes them look even better. His work has been in lots of SL-related magazines, and he and his lovely and talented and beautiful partner Vivien Janick now have a sim to house their photo studio.

Greg and Viv are old friends, and they always come to our fireworks celebrations.

Photos posted here with Greg's permission.

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