Saturday, January 30, 2010

Prim Nails, Take Two

Written 30 January, 2010

Prim Nails, Take Two

Back in December 2007 I wrote a blog about prim nails. My complaint was they wouldn't stay in the proper position relative to my fingers.

Tonight Sweetie bought bracelets that included prim nails, and for the first time, she set her hand size and attached them.

This is what I saw:

The nails, as had mine, floated a couple of centimeters below the fingers.

But that's not what Sweetie saw.

For her, the nails were perfectly in place.

Prim nails can lookmore than a little scary or very nice.

As someone who used to pay $75 for a set of acrylic nails, I'd dearly love to wear them, but the floating in air things is a deal breaker for me.

But do they really float in air? Or is it just me?

Two years ago my best guess was that high-priority avatar animations confused the nails. Is that so? Does anyone know?

Help, please, anyone! My prim nails are waiting for me!


Miyo Darcy said...

I love primnails but there is sometimes really a problem. If I use animations it can happen that the nails fly around. And then i need to attach them again.

This is really sad.

The prim nails on your picture looking very great.

Brickhouse Frog said...

i too have prim nails, and yes I have seen them NEXT to my fingers *grr*