Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Written 19 January, 2010


Sweetie and I visited several of the Pandoran sims last night.

In both, we rezzed in vendor areas.

Pegase had skins and shapes and complete Na'Vi avatars from a number of creators... some better than others.

Every sort of accessory was available, from cothes and weapons to animals to ride.

There was even a planetary suit with face mask for humans.

It was clear you could spend a LOT of money here!

Some of the Na'Vi avies (navvy avies, lol) walking around looked very much like the Na'Vi from the film Avatar...

... and some not so much...

Getting to Pagase wasn't easy; it's an Openspace sim, and quite popular, but the avatar limit is 20. I was lucky enough to make it on my first attempt, but it was about 15 minutes before Sweetie was able to make it.

Before we teleported to the surface, we put on our visitor tags and dressed in the great free spacesuits we picked up at the late great Privateer Space (you can read about that much-missed sim here).

Actually, we didn't teleport to the surface, because the teleporters were dreadfully slow, descending slower than an elevator. We merely sat, waited until we were below the landing platform (it was at 1011 meters), then stood and fell to the surface.

Down below, the sim was like the surface of the Planet Pandora. There were lots of trees, including the hometree, and the white spirit tree. Above, banshees circled in the sky.

Even though we were dressed appropriately and wore visitor tags, we got a lot of scrutiny from the few "Na'Vi" on the land. One flew up to us on a banshee and sat silently for a full ten minutes before saying hello. When she saw we weren't troublemakers, she invited us to role play on the sim.

The dire horse riders pictured in the previous blog weren't quite so friendly. They stopped near me and sat for a good ten minutes while I, unbeknownst to them, took their pictures. Finally, the female played a "You're Not Welcome Here" gesture.

(( Observer,")) I said, following the sim rules.

They clearly had summoned the lady on the banshee, for she eventually flew up. When she saw who it was, she left; as she did, I gave all three of them a photo of the dire horse riders (it's the one in the previous post). No one said thanks, or even acknowledged.

I have to say I've not had this reaction when visiting other role play sims. I suspect the paranoia of the Na'Vi reflects the conflict in the movie.

The other sims we visited (there were a pair of them, connected) were for German speakers. We found no hostility there. There were several dozens of vendors, and down below the usual trees, human outposts, and Na'Vi.

It was getting late, and truth to tell, we weren't all that thrilled, so we soon teleported home.

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