Friday, January 29, 2010

Darcy Designs Glowys

Written 29 January, 2010

Darcy Designs Glowys

This not being a fashion blog and all, I'm rarely asked to review the work of others. However, I'm always happy to oblige.

Last week I received a notecard and a folder from Miyo Darcy thanking me for my work and asking me if I would be willing to take a look at her line of avatar party accessories.

When Ms. Darcy was new to Second Life, she said, she loved going out to clubs. She accumulated quite a few glowsticks, but found most of them unsatisfactory because they lacked glow or contained scripts. She set out to make a line of wearable, glowing glowys, as she calls them.

Sometimes I girl just has to glow!

Ms. Darcy's package contained an assortment of eyebrow piercings and rave sticks in various colors and shapes. There were light sabers, dildos (not my favorite), and staves. All were generously endowed with glow and looked really good at night.

Our wayback machine takes us to October, 2006. Here's newbie Chey
dancing with a pair of rave sticks given her by her friend Laura.

Here I am dancing with an assortment of Darcy Designs glowys:

And here I am with her lip piercing:

The gloyws did their job, looking good in the dark. The longer ones (like the light sabers) sometimes cut into my avatar though, so I preferred the shorter ones.

My aged rave sticks sort of split the difference, attaching in their middle, so their lights appear on both sides of my hands. I looked for something similar in the folder, but alas didn't find anything. I have to say, I still like them.

Darcy Designs' glowys range in price from 35L to 120L or so. That's pretty inexpensive. They can be found here.

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