Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Exploding Boots

Written 20 January, 2010

Exploding Boots

Sweetie was having a footwear meltdown the other day. She needed more shoes. Why? She always needs more shoes. But it was I who wound up buying boots.

I think that may have been her plan all along.

I think she wanted to use me for a guinea pig to test exploding boots. She wants, I think, to supplement her extensive collection of exploding lipsticks.

So, I bought this pair of boots.

Uh-oh. Scripted. And of course, no mod, so I couldn't remove the scripts after adjusting them.

The boots were of course, too small (I have muscular calves) , so, using the built-in scripts, I tried to make them bigger. The boots wouldn't let me resizae them because there was an avatar (Sweetie) within 10 meters. Even though I feared I wouid go into Sweetie withdrawal mode, I moved away from her, all the way to 16 meters. No dice. The boots still wouldn't resize.

So then I clicked resize again.

You know what I learned?

I learned 500 prims take a LONG time to resize.

And I learned how to explode boots.

I made the mistake of moving a little after I had selected resize, and this is what happened.

OMG! The boots exploded! And I already paid for them!

Since I was locked out of editing the boots, I tried resizing them again. It got worse.

Above, you can see the prims inside the building. What you CAN'T see are the prims OUTSIDE the building. The explosion's perimeter was growing larger. Had I bought improvised exploding boots?

I started to call Sweetie for help, but she had problems of her own-- namely, a pair of shoes that seemed to have a breast attached at the ankle-- complete with nipple.

Fortunately, it eventually resolved into an actual part of the shoe.

But when she saw the shoe had prim toes, she screamed and nearly fainted.

Meanwhile I was IMing the creator in a panic; I completely forgot the boots were copyable, which means there was still an unexploded copy in the original box.

The shoemaker told me it was critical not to move when the shoes were resizing. Hmmm... I didn't remember reading THAT in the notecard.

Wait! That's because there WAS no notecard!

The only warning had been in the header of the blue menu box that opened when I touched the shoes. As if anyone reads that header!

The next day I went to a remote area and wore and resized a new copy of the boots. It was remarkable to watch the more than 250 prins in each boot adjust itself.

Wait! 250 prims? In each boot? Each with scripts? OMG!

I checked my avatar's script time with the boots on and off (something that's only possible if you have access to the estate tools). I seemed to be taking up about .5 msec of script time just by wearing the boots.

So I IMed the shoemaker again and asked her if it would be possible to get the boots with script removed.

She cursed her sizing script and told me anything for a customer, she would have a pair to me within an hour.

True to her word, she did-- but only the resizing scripts had been removed. The recoloring scripts were still there. In. Every. Prim. Five hundred of the little suckers, just hanging around and taking up script time.

I didn't have the heart to IM her again to ask for the rest of the scripts to be removed.

The boots are tucked safely away in a box at my prim storage area. I won't be wearing them.

But they did look pretty good, as you can see from the top photo.

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