Saturday, January 9, 2010

109 Prims Circus

Written 9 January, 2010

109 Prims Circus

The 6PI sim led us to a sister sim, Drill Factory, and specifically to the 109 Prims Circus. This was a build in space, reflecting the whimsical, silly, and beautiful atmosphere of many Japanese areas.

We dropped some money here-- Sweetie for a carousel horse she can fly about on, and me for some iridescent wings. I don't wear wings often, but if I did they would be iridescent, and so I bought 'em. I'm prepared.

Sweetie spent an hour finding just the right riding outfit before her horse left the ground. The time was well-spent.

A series of catwalks and local teleports led to platforms with products for sale. We took great delight in the steampunk feel of things, and especially the coach-and-four that dangled from a huge bronze pole.

Well, actually, it was the coach that was dangling. The four seemed to be on break.
I especially liked the little space build. It was cartoony and fun.

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