Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blog Theft

Written 27 January, 2010

Blog Theft

Okay, now I know why Sweetie was making sure she could hit what she was aiming at.

She was gunning for the guy who ripped off my blog and didn't want to miss when she found him.

It was Sweetie, in fact, who discovered the copyright theft:

It seems this guy from Hyperabad India had stolen my profile word for word and applied it to his two blogs. His first two posts were cut-and-pastes of two of my posts from a few weeks ago.

I filed a claim with Blogger under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act; we'll see if they make him remove my copyrighted material.

It's pretty sad when someone can't manage to come up with a few words to describe themselves.

Here, Sid, is a suggested profile for you.

Hi! My name is sid36reddy. I'm sorry about the number embedded in the name; my imagination wasn't powerful enough to think of something unique.

I'm sorry too for my lame ass blog. It's just what with being in third grade and all I don't have time to look for really good stuff to steal to put in it. I settled for someone called Cheyenne Palisades. She is an avatar from Second Life so she's not a real person and couldn't possible mind, although she keeps talking about something called DMCA. I think it's a rap group. You know, the one that did that duet thing with Aerosmith.

So anyway, if you know of something cool I could steel just let me know. I'll pay you in Lindens... just as soon as I can break into Cheyenne's Second Life account.

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