Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Morning Machinima, 24 January, 2010

Written 24 January, 2010

Sunday Morning Machinima

Today we're going to kick off with The Guild's Do You Want to Date My Avatar?

The avatars seem to be from World of Warcraft, but the principle is the same.

YouTube has lots of covers and responses to The Guild's song, but this response from Pooky Amsterdam stands out. It was made in Second Life.

Next, we have a machinima interpretation of Edward Hopper's famous 1942 painting Nighhawks-- shown here.

Cool, huh?
Oh, BTW, here's a great photo Sweetie took oh the Drowsy sim.

Similar, huh?
Hopper's painting also inspired Tom Waits' 1975 album Nighthawks at the Diner.

Finally, here's an amazing video from the AIMC Show. It seems to be called simply Minnesota Sponsor Reel. Watch it full screen if your computer can handle it.

AICP Show: Minnesota Sponsor Reel from motion504 on Vimeo.

That's it for this Sunday, kids! Come back next Sunday for more machinima!

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