Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Am the Very Model

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Pixel Avatar

I am the very model of a modern pixel avatar
I am neither vegetable, animal, or mineral
I can be the queen of England, if I feel historical
Or I can be Henry Clay if I wax oratorical.
I know quite well the interface and Linden economicals
I can script in LSL to make my prims mechanical
I like to mute and ban bad avies, It's true I file abuse reports
And if you should get smart with me, I'll one up you with my retorts.

I dress in all the latest fashions, sculpted collars, flexi skirts
I indulge in haute couture; it makes me look ridiculous
I know the Lindens all by name, they all say I am a star
I am the very model of a modern pixel avatar.

I live upon a server fine, class four or five if you don't mind
I sit on poseballs everywhere, jump on with me, please be so kind,
I write this drunk at Blarney Stone, an Irish Second Lifer's bar
I am the very model of a modern pixel avatar.

(With apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan)


Rai Blaylock said...

Wow, that was really interesting to read through. Though haha can you say you know all the Lindens by name? (other then Linden)

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Actually, I have a notecard I came up with. It's not ALL the Lindens, but the major players. I think I'll do a post about it.