Friday, January 8, 2010

Dropping the Dime

Bonnie pulled over in a roadside park

Left Billy sleeping and she called the cops

He never knew nothin' when the dime was dropped

     -- Steve Earle, Billy and Bonnie

Written 8 January, 2010

Dropping the Dime

For the last several months I've noticed something.

When someone is seriously misbehaving at an infohub and I report them, six or so minutes elapse and then...

... they disappear and are seen no more.

Clearly, the Lindens are on the job.

In the past, when I reported someone nothing happened. Hours later the avies were still there with a 10-meter penis or bashing furries or calling women the C word. Now they disappear.

I'm tolerant of behavior and appearance here in Second Life, but not at infohubs. That's because most new citizens get shunted there, where they're subjected to stupidity and drama, gesture spam, and vulgarity. Nice.
I'm convinced infohubs are one reason for the absurdly low rentention rate (under one percent, I remember reading) in Second Life.

So if dropping the dime on the guy hitting people with a bat will make the infohub a bit nicer place, then I'm dropping the dime.

p.s. Thank you SO MUCH, Lindens!

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