Monday, January 18, 2010

The Fountain at Omotesanto

Written 18 January, 2010

The Fountain at Omotesanto

A long time ago Sweetie and I chanced across this fountain by (we thnk) Onakagoo Dibou; it's on the Omotesanto Sim. When we first saw it, we were so inspired we created the oil fountain at the robot sanitorium.

Today we journeyed to Omotesando to to see if the fountain was still on the grid. Fortunately, it was.

The fountain is elegant but simple, with ramps up which one can walk. The show, which happens on the half hour, is glorious. Dancing waters, lights, fog, fireworks! Fireworks!
The intense blue lighting effect isn't part of the fountain; it's Sweetie with her Mystitool facelight turned up to 10,000.

While I was taking photos Sweetie was counting the prims. It's good we got absorbed, because it enabled us to catch the show. It was phenomenal.

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