Friday, January 8, 2010


Urbanity Manager IshtarAngel (R) and Assistant Manager Dollyanna (L)
after a hard night's work. I think they were waiting patiently for Sweetie and I
to finish dancing so they could put the chairs up and polish the poseballs.

Written 8 January, 2009


Clubs come and go in Second Life, and most of my landmarks are extinct. I'm always at a loss for where to go when I gets happy feets.

Tonight Sweetie picked a club called Urbanity, where live musician Louis Volare (Louis Landon in real life) performed a set of popular music. Ordinarily, he plays piano solos.

Louis had a nice setup that allowed avatars to buy songs for $225L (in lieu of a tip). I bought his very nice and quite popular piano solo Seattle Morning.

The club had plenty of room and Intan singles and couples balls; a nice place.

Anyway, Louis was great and the club was lag-free and filled with nice people (including my new friend DevilsVixen, who I rescued this morning from Moose Beach Infohub). Staff were friendly, too. Sweetie and I had a great time dancing, clapping, and listening to the music while we chatted in Skype. We danced until long after everyone else had gone home.

Darn it, wouldn't you know I didn't think to take pictures until everyone else had left!

But of course it was wonderful to have Sweetie in my arms! Second best to actually being there!

Louis Landon

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