Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friendly Greetings From Tombstone: Part I. A Visit to a Nice Role Play Sim

Written 23 January, 2010

Friendly Greetings From Tombstone

Part I. A Visit to a Nice Role Play Sim

Sweetie got it in her head today that we should visit some western role play sims.

I think it's all those Horace Greeley books she's been reading.

We went first to Black Diamond Ghost Town on the Arizona sim.

We rezzed inside a mineshaft, where we were hit with a landmark and the rules of the sim. We picked up the usual combat object and wore them, dressed appropriately for the era, and found our way up to the ground.

Chey dressed in Navajo garb

Somehow we became separated and found different exits. Sweetie emerged in the center of town; I had to carefully time things so I could scurry past a landslide of physical rocks that would probably have killed me if they had hit me.

We had a good time exploring the town and talking to a lady who was setting up a trading post. Making our way upwards, we found an Indian village and chatted with two other visitors.

Making our way onward, we came to a bluff that overlooked the town. The views were great.

Since there seemed to be no way down other than to backtrack, we jumped down to an open enclosure below. I took some damage for glancing off a roof, but I quickly healed.

The enclosure turned out to be a target range. I pulled out my trusty Colt 1851 .45-caliber revolver (Jasper Kiergarten) and blazed away at the targets, which conveniently broke, bounced, or disintegrated.

Meanwhile Sweetie strolled into the adjacent shop and bought a gun of her own.

Here she is blazing away...

... and here reloading.

When Sweetie's trusty six-gun didn't hit the targets (what other reason could there be for her to miss?), she walked right up the targets and blazed away. Unfortunately, she forbade me from taking her photo when I told her her outfit hadn't completely rezzed for me.

After many minutes of target practice, we made our way back to the sim entry point-- or, rather, tried to.

Alas, Sweetie wasn't quite quick enough and was flattened by a big boulder from a landslide

Poor Sweetie!

Little did she know the evening would soon take a darker turn.

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