Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Written 9 June, 2010


In recent news, Linden Lab has announced 30% of its employees (about 100 people) are being laid off and the company will be going in a new direction. And that direction? Toward making a web-based Second Life that will be easily integrated with Facebook and other social media.

Think for a moment of your experience with web-based games. Do you think it's possible to create the nuance and depth of experience of Second Life with a web plug in? I don't, not with the world wide web in its present state. So goodbye, Second Life, hello, Farmville.

See this post at New World Notes and this one by Crap Mariner. James Au does his usual good job of summing things up and Crap has a great rant and links to other early blogs on the Linden announcement.

So, under the direction of Captain Mark Kingdon, Second Life has made a left turn and is sailing toward...

Is that an iceberg ahead?

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