Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Bad Blogger Challenge 7-In-1: Part IV

Big Bad Blogger Challenge 7-In-1

Part IV

SL Bloggers: Is Your Avatar More or Less Than Your Current Biological Age? Do You Portray a Younger Avatar, or Older? Why is This?

My avatar is decidedly younger than my actual age.

To my eye, Cheyenne would appear to be in her late 20s, or perhaps a very well-preserved 35.

To tell the truth, when I bought my first skin-- the one I still wear-- I didn't give much thought to my virtual age. I wanted a skin that reflected the me I felt I was. I wanted Chey to look like an improved and, yes, younger me. I chose a skin color that matched mine in first life, with makeup that wasn't over-the-top. After the purchase I put the skin on, and have taken it off only rarely since.

There are a few skins that give an older appearance, and it's possible to monkey with the sliders and cause certain body parts to droop, but most shapes and human skins are those of younger people. Why? Because, just as it's desirable in real life, a youthful appearance is desirable in Second Life. And why not?

Despite the almost universal young look of avatars, I find I can often get a good read on an avie's real age. Although a few older folks have taken up the practice, people who type u for you and use similar typonese shortcuts are most likely under twenty-five. People who overuse gestures are also likely to be young. People who act young and silly most likely are young and silly. They're not acting at all. People with extensive skills sets most likely have developed them over years in first life.

I could perhaps find a skin to match my age, but I, like most others my age, are disinclined to do so.

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