Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Labyrinth Progresses

The underwater labyrinth on Whimcentricity is perfect for horseback riding. Jump here to walk or ride the labyrinth.


Written 12 June, 2010

The Labyrinth Progresses

When Leaf Shermer's Whimcentricity homstead sim was delivered more than a year ago, Sweetie had a terrain texture file ready for it. Leaf uploaded it, and wham, W-C had a super-duper underwater labyrinth.

Whimcentricity is a shared sim, hence the shared name (Whimsy + Eccentricity). I put in three spectacular geysers, and Leaf made a playground on the border between her Eccentricity sim and W-C.

The labyrinth was complete, but hard to walk because it lacked signage. I was forever getting turned around and finding myself at the starting point.

Now a labyrinth, unlike a maze, doesn't give you options for your travel. It's a continuous passageway, sinuous but straightforward. You walk from one end to the other. But it's confusing nonetheless, as one section tends to look rather like any other section, and one can spend hours walking back and forth.

I seem to be over my recent ennui. I've turned my attention to the labyrinth, and that has energized both Leaf and Sweetie.

The labyrinth is far from done, but it's now possible to walk it from end to end and not get lost, due to new signage.

Although the labyrinth takes up only about 40% of the seabed, I'm reasonably certain it's the longest path in Second Life. I'm sure it's possible to walk further elsewhere by going through sim after sim, but this is a coherent, themed walk, and it takes a LONG time to go from the beginning to the end. A LONG time. Don't wear your 6" spiked heels if you visit.

How long is our labyrinth? We don't know yet, but we'll be measuring it by counting steps. Does someone make a Second Life pedometer? Search and XStreet say no.


This buoy marks the beginning of the labyrinth.

The labyrinth begins...

Visitors can pick up free SCUBA gear for the long underwater walk.

It's easy to get turned about in the labyrinth...

... but now signs point the way.

The labyrinth opens at several points onto a large underwater canyon; we're still working on this area.

As the end of the labyrinth draws near, the walls are not quite so high.

The labyrinth comes to an end at this off-sim build. We're not sure what we will do here, but we want it to be spectacular.

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