Thursday, June 3, 2010

Managing Public Space: I. Restrictions

Written 3 June, 2010

Managing Public Space

I. Restrictions

Since its inception in April 2008, the Whimsy sims have been public space. Visitors are accepted and welcomed, and they have enhanced our experience.

With few exceptions, those who have come to enjoy our sims have been appreciative and respectful. They have stayed out of the few areas marked private, for the most part picked up the prims they have rezzed, and had a good time poking the volcano, riding the train, walking the trails, and paddling around the waters.

Occasionally someone will try to homestead, erecting a house on an islet, or, in one case, trying to sneak a stupid big build onto the land by placing it high in the hair-- this after he had asked if he could work on his thousand-prim build and I had said no.

More sims than not restrict build, and many restrict scripts, avatar flying, speech, and even the creation of landmarks.

Sometimes there's real reason to make such restrictions, but for the most part, they're just silly. Unless they're necessary to protect from griefers or sim load due to heavy attachments of visitors, or visitor misbehavior, they serve only to diminish the visitors' experience. And why do that if you don't have to?

On Whimsy, the only permission restricted (for what I hope are obvious reasons) is terraforming.

In two years I've had to return a half-dozen houses, but most prims left on the land are small in number and small in size-- usually boxes someone unpacked and didnt' pick up. I check the sims once a day or so and return prims. If a name starts looking familliar, I send a gentle reminder, saying I'm glad they're enjoying our sims, but would they please remember to pick up their prims when they've finished playing with them. If they were to continue their prim littering, I would ban them, but that's not been necessary.

We had a mild griefing attack the other day. If that were to continue I would restrict build to the Whimsians group for a few days. But failing that, I expect build to remain on on Whimsy.

And scripts. and flight. And push. And voice.

So visitors will continue to have a good time.


One of the few private spaces on Whimsy...

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