Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reporting From the Field on the BP Oil Spill: V: A Dastardly Plan

Written 5 June, 2010

Reporting From the Field on the BP Oil Spill

V: A Dastardly Plan

When I arrived at Whimsy I began a methodical search of the sims.

Nothing afoot at the Robot Sanitorium.

I take that back.

Because of the nature of its patients, the robot sanitorium uses a good deal of robothorazine and other essential oils.

The petrolotherapy room uses a lot of oil...

Bender splashes a lot.

And the oil fountain on the main floor goes 24/7.

Inevitablly, there is spillage.

But nothing was out of the ordinary.

Well, of course things are always out of the ordinary at the robot sanitorium, but it was no crazier than usual.

At ground level, Kaboom was perfectly ordinary.

Whimsy itself looked fine.

Whimcentricity looked fine... at first.

And then I found what I had been looking for!

As I flew past the smuggler's boat, I almost missed it.

But there it was!

Yes! There, mixed in with the usual fruits and vegetables and AK47s, were four-- count 'em, FOUR!-- Tonktastic oil refinery kits!

NOW I knew what the Whimsy Transportation Authority was up to!

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