Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is Philip Returning?

Written 24 June, 2010

Is Philip Returning?

This just up on New World Notes:

Breaking News: Sources Say Linden Lab Executive Changes Involving Mark Kingdon and Philip Rosedale Coming Soon

Linden Lab logo
Multiple sources tell me that more major executive changes at Linden Lab are coming very soon. Specifically, that Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon, known as M Linden in-world, is leaving the company, and Second Life founder Philip Rosedale, known as Philip Linden in-world, is returning to the company he founded to take a managerial position. These are unconfirmed reports, I hasten to say, so I'm checking with the company and other sources now. Perhaps related to this (or not), Mark Kingdon was scheduled to speak in-world at the 7th anniversary of Second Life's launch today, but abruptly cancelled due to an unstated "emergency". Philip Linden appeared in his place.
Philip returning would be wonderful news for the residents of Second Life. He GETS Second Life.
Also, if Philip returns I will abdicate my newly elected position as Linden Labs' CEO.
I'm awaiting further developments with bated breath.

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Yordie Sands said...

Geezus, I hope you are right, Chey. I'm so ready for some sign that someone at LL understands what is happening to the actual people who live here.

Love you blog! Yordie Sands