Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Bad Blogger Challenge 7-In-1: Part V

Big Bad Blogger Challenge 7-In-1

Part V

Topic #5: Blogger's Choice! Write About Anything That's On Your Mind!

Well, I wasn't expecting this!!!

One thing that's been on my mind lately is the future of Second Life.

I'm both emotionally and financially invested in Second Life. Sims aren't cheap. It costs a pretty penny, but my second life affords me a place to play and to be creative, and most importantly a place to be with my Sweetie when we can't be together in real life. I would be crushed if it were to all go away.

And yet nothing lasts forever.

There are no longer any Hudsons. Or Pontiacs, except those still on the road. Or Commodore 64s. And for all practical purposes, there are no dial-up modems or computer bulletin boards.

We've newer and better things to replace our lost automobiles and home computers. And I'm convinced one day Second Life will wind down, to be replaced with something newer and hopefully better.

I hope when that day comes it will be because advances in technology have resulted in a better, more seamless virtual world and not because Second Life's parent company has sputtered to a stop.

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