Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Bad Blogger Challenge 7-In-1: Part III

Big Bad Blogger Challenge 7-In-1

Part III

SL Bloggers: How Hard Do You Think it is to Find a Relationship in SL? If You Have an SL Relationship, Have You Met in the Physical World? Would you Meet Them? Do you Think it Would Change Your SL Relationship if you Met?

I don't think it's difficult to find a relationship in Second Life.

I take that back.

I don't think it's difficult to find what PASSES for a relationship in Second Life.

I think it's damn difficult to find a real relationship in Second Life-- just as it is in first life.

Many SL relationships are characterized by a brief period of acquaintance followed by poseball sex followed by phone or Skype conversations followed by voice sex followed by SL partnership followed by divorce-- often within the period of a week or two.

That sort of "relationship" is unfortunately the norm around here.

A fortunate few, following the same steps, form real and lasting relationships. Of those fortunate few, a fortunate few meet in real life. And of those fortunate few, a fortunate few form an enduring romantic relationship in real life.

I believe it's entirely possible to have a deep and enduring relationship in Second Life without the parties ever meeting. But I also believe that for that to happen, both parties must be entirely forthcoming with one another about matters of age, gender, nationality, and personal circumstance. Relationships based on lies don't work in either first or second life. Avies in real life marriages or other committed relationships and avies with typists of a different sex or age owe their partners the truth.

Meeting someone in Second Life isn't all that different from meeting someone on Earth. In fact, just like places of employment, and colleges, and religious institutions, Second Life puts people together who otherwise never would have met.

How we grow our relationships in both out first and second lives are matters of attraction, personal situation, and character. Opportunities are there for all of us.

I consider myself more than fortunate to have found my real life partner here in Second Life.

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