Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Horror! The Oil Reaches Whimsy

Written 8 June, 2010

Horror! The Oil Reaches Whimsy


The spilled BP oil has reached Whimsy!

Our once pristine beaches are now black and slimy! The cost to wildlife is too great to measure! Oh, woe, oh, woe!

Just look!

At 5 pm the beaches were still clear...

But at 8 pm...

Warning The photos that follow are gruesome, the ravages of petroleum loose in the biosphere. Avert your eyes, if you must.

Fish populations are devastated.

As are bird populations. This pigeon was until lately flying happily around Whimsy's beach. Now it's dead, covered with oil, its scripts gummed up with tar.

Whimsy's prim population was particularly hard hit. The torus at upper right was only recently removed from the endangered prim types list.

Here's a Linden bear encased in tar.

Tragically, the oil has taken a very high toll on Moody Stilettoes.

Chey surveys the damage.

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