Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Bad Blogger Challenge 7-In-1: Part I

Written 23 June, 2010

Big Bad Blogger Challenge 7-In-1

Part I

Something called the Big Bad Blogger Challenge has been at the periphery of my consciousness for a while. Today I took the time to find out what it was all about.

It seems the challenge was to post every day for a week, addressing a specific question.

I resent all the meme challenges going on and don't participate, but this was different-- rather than being personally tagged by someone, this challenge was general, and I was intrigued.

Because of my diliatoriness (yes, that's a word!), I missed the deadline, so I'm going to do all seven challenges in one fell swoop, doing one right after another, and hope nobody notices.

1. Why Did You Become a Blogger? How Has it Enriched Your Life?

Back in 2006 I didn't even know what a blog was. I learned when my friend Melissa Yeuxdoux pointed me toward a post she had written in her own blog-- one in which I was mentioned.

No, I take that back. She didn't mention me by name, but she let me know it was about me.

Melissa patiently described to me what a blog was, and I went right out and started mine. Here's my very first post. I'm still proud of it.

I started blogging because I could, because I'm a writer, and, perhaps most of all because I was in a state of perpetual exhilaration by my adventures in Second Life and posting gave me a way to share my experiences and feelings with others.

And what have I gained by blogging?

More than 1400 posts have polished my writing skills. The blog allows me to give vent to my feelings, both positive and negative. It provides me with a voice when, for instance, I'm upset by stupidity on the grid, or when I want to brag about things I've created or rave about the accomplishments of others. I'm also happy the blog has gained me friends along the way.

Most of all, the blog gives me a way to write obliquely about my darling. The notorious Sweetie is a cartoon exaggeration of my often effervescent and always hilarious girlfriend. Our written adventures are often based on our conversations, which are filled with laughter and fevered and ridiculous imagery. It makes tangible aspects of our relationship we both treasure while, as she requested, preserving her anonymity-- not that anyone who knows us doesn't figured out her real virtual identity.

Real virtual identity. I like that!

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