Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Big Bad Blogger Challenge 7-In-1: Part II

Written 23 June, 2010

Big Bad Blogger Challenge 7-In-1

Part II

2. SL Bloggers: Write About Three Positive Things Going On In Your Second Life

The best thing about my second life is my darling Sweetie. I met her here in November, 2006 and in real life March, 2007. These days I spend my time shuttling back and forth between her home in the Northeast and mine in the South. She is the perfect partner in both my first and second lives.

In Second life she challenges me to create things that are all but impossible-- and I make them! We live on the Whimsy sims in our personal perfect paradise, where we explode volcanoes, make freebies that grow legs and run away from their new owners, and cook up even newer and more elaborate and more ridiculous schemes to develop the land. C'mon, let's face it, it will be a hundred or more years before there's a real need for our robot sanitorium-- although many Roombahs are showing early signs of mental disturbance.

In their efforts to devise the perfect escape, the robot sanatorium's
Roombahs study previous robot elopements

In first life she reins me in from my excesses.

Without my Sweetie there would be no robot sanitorium, no mentally ill Roombahs, no Whimsy. In real life I would probably have fallen from a cliff or frozen to death hiking in the winter woods. In both first and second lives, without her I would be horribly diminished.

Second in my list of three is Whimsy itself.

Home to myself, Sweetie, and eight other people, the sims of Whimsy, Whimsy Kaboom, and Whimcentricity are the perfect place to create beauty...

View of the Volcano Pele

... and drama...

A giant smoking boulder hurtled toward an unsuspecting Cheyenne in her canoe

... and absurdity...

... like this giant granite bobbing bird. Notice his Whimsy hard hat. That provides a measure of protection from giant lava boulders flung by the volcano above him. The historical sign gives visitors a bit of Whimsy history.

Building Whimsy polished my building and scripting skills and forced me to tackle a long-term personal goal-- learning a photo image manipulation program.

What's more, Whimsy has given me the most pleasant possible surroundings in which to live and love.

The last things Second Life has given me has been friends. Here I've meet people from all over the world, of all ages, and learned from them.

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