Thursday, July 17, 2008

Whimsy Lava Beds

Peaceful On the Surface... Dangerous Underneath!

Written 16 July, 2008

Whimsy Lava Beds

I misplaced the lava beds from Pele when we moved to Whimsy. I came across them in inventory only a month or so ago. I found them only because I was feeling around in my inventory and burned my fingers.

And so Whimsy now has extensive underwater lava beds (Whimsy 115, 123, 10; Blogger won't do links tonight); they smoke and simmer and bubble ferociously. The official story is that vulcanologists have told us the formation of the beds signals the birth of a new volcano, and oh, dear, Pele won’t at all be pleased!

We’ve erected a historical sign at the lava beds; it doubles as a vendor to sell life insurance (Whimsurance policies).We decided this was important because Whimsy is such a dangerous place. The unwary avatar can, among other things, tumble into a pool of hot lava or be struck by a bouncing boulder, fall from a ledge, crash into the ground when a parachute malfunctions, lose his or her grip on the zipline, or be attacked by piranha or our resident alligator or a shark or by Inky the squid.

Whimsurance is absolutely worthless. It won’t pay under any circumstances, so its only value is as an amusement. Still, it’s a bargain at 10L.

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