Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Three-Donut Vacation: XXXVII: Dénouement

Written 14 July, 2008

A Three-Donut Vacation

XXXVII: Dénouement

And there you have it, the true facts of my three-week, three-donut vacation with Sweetie.

I still live on Whimsy—if you can call it living. The heart has gone out of me. I go through the motions—pay the tier, keep the sim lag-free, buy a frock from time to time so my platinum fashionista card won’t be cancelled. Life is almost bearable at times, but there is no joy.

Sweetie is gone. I have to face it. Its been weeks, and there’s been no sign of her. I fear the worst.

And yet I dare to hope. There’s been no attack from the deadly donut death star, after all. Maybe Sweetie managed to pay the 200 Linden dollars to Black Rose and find her way through the wormhole to the donut grid. Maybe she took that donut death star out in the best ninja fashionista style. Maybe she’s trapped on the donut grid at this very minute, trying to find her way back to me.

But maybe not.

I guess I’ll never know.

I miss her terribly.

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