Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rez Day Party for Sweetie

Written 22 July, 2008

Rez Day Party for Sweetie

June 29th was Sweetie’s second rez day. Just think about it! Two years in Second Life.

Saying nothing to Sweetie, I decided to set up a celebration.

Since we have no venue at Whimsy, I IMed my brother Mordecai Scaggs and asked if we might use his dirigible for the festivities. Of course he said yes.

At Mordecai’s suggestion, I IMed disk jockey Gabrielle Riel; fortunately, she had an opening.

I made an invitation and mailed it to our friends and acquaintances, asking them to come to a surprise party for Sweetie.

An hour before the allotted time I made an excuse, zipped over to Caledon Tanglewood, and flew up to the Rakehell (for some reason, there are no direct TPs in Tanglewood). I set out a big rug, a few chairs, and banners and talked briefly with Gabrielle, who had arrived early to set up.

I teleported home and immediately got a notice all of my objects had been returned! Grrr! I had forgotten to put on Mordecai’s tag. So I went BACK to the Rakehell and set everything out again.

I again returned to Whimsy, and on the hour, I asked Sweetie to follow me. When we arrived on the Rakehell, there was already an assemblage of people, and…

SURPRISE! They all shouted.

I’ve been to quite a few parties in Second Life, but I have to say this was the very best. The music was great, the Rakehell was beautiful and roomy, and we were surrounded by friends and Second Life family. We all danced, chatted, and, after a time, started rezzing particles.

Sweetie, as usual, provided the light show, using her own avatar as the source. Somehow, she’s able to get blinding intensities of light from her Mystitool. The bathed the entire front half of the HUGE Rakehell in multicolored light.

Our friend Fnordian Link arrived and set out one of his new creations, which rezzed big bright letters that floated in lines in the air, following the chat. We had lots of fun touching the letters to pop them.

I’d originally thought an hour would suffice, but toward the end of the first hour I negotiated with Garbrielle for additional time. The party wound up lasting two hours, and nobody wanted it to be over!

Special thanks to Mordecai and Gabrielle, and to Greg Paslong for sending us his photos of the event. I am making heavy use of them in a ThincBook I’m making in commemoration of my Sweetie’s one and only second rez day.

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Tanarian Brenaur ferch Owain fab Bran (Davies) said...

There's only a few sims in Caledon that aren't telehubbed - the northern peninsula, one or two of the southern sims... I think it's an ambiance thing, for one. The Guvnah has explained it but I'd have to go looking through the genteel debate in the Steam SkyCity discussions to find it again.