Friday, July 11, 2008

A Three-Donut Vacation: XXVI. To the Regional Teleport Hub

Written 10 July, 2008

A Three-Donut Vacation

XXVI: To The Regional Teleport Hub

I awoke to a little taste of heaven.

“I told you soaking them in tea made them palatable,” a voice said.

Gak! Was I eating a SCONE? I sat up with a jerk and spat crumbs from my mouth. “We’re not dead?” I asked.

“Not yet,” said the voice. Its blurry owner suddenly snapped into focus, and I knew either I had recovered consciousness or my video card had only just now resolved his textures. “Mordecai!” I said.

“You were delirious,” said Sweetie. Her eyes were gleaming. “Did you mean all those things you said about me while you were out?”

“I plead the fifth,” I said. “What did I say?” I could feel the blood rushing to my face.

“If half of what you said was true, I’d blush, too,” laughed Mordecai. “Woops! This is it! We’re here.”

“Where?” I asked, wishing the boxy UPS truck had side windows.

“We’re at the Ahern Regional Teleport Hub,” said Sweetie.

“I’d love to drive you ladies all the way to Whimsy,” said Mordecai, “but Her Majesty’s business, you know. Hey, you!” he called to a skycap. “Would you please assist my sisters?”


And that’s how we came to be at the teleport hub.

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