Sunday, July 27, 2008

Where's the Rest of My Interface?

If you Click on the Top Photo and Look Closely, You'll See There's No 
Tools Menu at the Upper Left Corner. In the Bottom Photo, it has Reappeared.

Written 24 July, 2008

Where’s the Rest of My Interface?

My long love affair with the Nicholaz EC viewer seems to be at an end-- partially because the menu bar at the bottom of the screen has taken a powder and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to bring it back short of redownloading viewer 19.4.1, but mostly because EC doesn’t allow building above 768 meters. The Release Candidate does.

The robot sanitorium we’ve been working on is 3500 meters above Whimsy Kaboom, so I’ve been using the Release Candidate lately. I’ve become more or less accustomed to it. I miss the Friends button, but selecting Contacts from the submenu that pops up next to Communicate is at least an improvement over having to pop open Communicate and then dig up your friends. *

[ * I realize some people in your Contacts won’t be actual friends. They might, for instance, be business contacts. But Contacts is just too cold-sounding. Friends is well, friendlier. Bring Friends back, Lindens!]

I can’t get used to not being able to double click on attachments in Inventory to wear them, though, so I’m holding Nicholaz EC in reserve.

Night before last I was working merrily along in the Release Candidate. I needed to link something, and looked up to select the Tools menu.

It wasn’t there!


My friend Michel told me she thought the Lindens had scattered its commands among the other menus.

Oh, no!

I hit CTRL-ALT-D several times to see if I could bring up Tools. No dice. I couldn’t even look up the keyboard shortcut for Link and Unlink because they are, duh!, in the Tools menu. Grrrrr!

A minute later I looked up and the Tools menu was there. A minute after that I looked up, and it was gone. Then it was back. Gone. Back. Gone.

It took a few minutes, but I eventually realized Tools now shows only when an object is selected. That is, of course, when its selections are functional.

This morning on the Linden blog, Torley put up a video that explained the new deal with the Tools menu. Too late!

Geez. Scare me, why don’t you, you Lindens!


Anonymous said...

Actually, Nicholaz EC-f AND BE-w both allow building over 768 meters. :)

(Granted, so does the now-official 1.20 client, but hey... Nicholaz's menus work nicer IMO.)

Cheyenne Palisades said...

EC-F? Wasn't there last time I looked! I am sooo there!