Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sweetie Interview in Whimsical Times V. 1 No. 4, June, 2008

In the last blog post I mentioned an interview with Sweetie in The Whimsical Times.
The Times is an actual newsletter. Here's the article in question
 It appeared on page 4 of the June 2008 issue.

The Mysterious Sweetie

The Muse of Whimsy

Whimsical Times managed to track down the elusive Sweetie. Clever reader, you’ll need to cross-reference the following with Cheyenne’s blog. Here's a URL that will introduce you to the TSA and Sweetie.

Throughout the course of the interview, Sweetie drank whisky like Betty Davis in her Baby Jane years.

WT: However do you manage to always be so tastefully attired?

S: Like all celebrities, Sweetie’s clothes are provided to her free of charge. Nothing sells a dress better than a superhero wearing it to a villain demolishing. It’s all about publicity.

WT: What brought you to Whimsy?

S: New TSA heads to chop. No fictional superhero can survive for long without the publicity of defeating her arch-nemesis.

WT: What’s your favorite thing on Whimsy?

S: The new robot sanatorium. I have an in with one of the builders and I’m having bugs placed throughout the facility so I can monitor everything the robots say. Crazy robots who used to work for the TSA are a great source of info. I hear ImSoNotADiva comes to visit her VanityBot ® regularly, since her favorite Leona Helmsly #502 shade of lipstick was discontinued in subsequent VanityBot models.
WT: What do you do best in Second Life?

S: Foment insurrection.

WT: Where on Whimsy do you live?

MR: I’m here! I’m there! I’m everywhere! So beware!

WT: How many avatars do you have, anyway?

S: I am infinite. It’s very zen and a tremendous inventory organizational challenge for an anarchist like myself.

WT: Is that a katana at your side?

S: Either that or the sharpest cell phone in existence.

WT: Why the disguise? Who are you in real virtual life?

S: A superhero can never reveal her secret identity. That’s why the Fonz, Little Joe, and Spider-Man never get the girl. They’re too busy meting out justice! (Sweetie gives a thumbs-up sign and checks her hair in the reflection on the blade of her katana.)
At the conclusion of the interview, Sweetie took her glass so she would leave no virtual fingerprints for those bastards from the TSA.

Whimsy’s robot sanatorium is under construction at 3500 meters above Whimsy Kaboom.

Current and past issues of Whimsical Times can be found in world here.

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